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October = Pumpkin Spice!

October is here, and it can mean only one thing- a nice heart-warming Pumpkin Spice.

To make our K’Apples “Pumpkin Spice,” we use only local apples, egg whites, and pumpkins.

We are now between winter and summer, and it can mean only one thing- more spices into our blend. Our Pumpkin Spice blend consists of cinnamon, muscat nut, ginger, and cloves.

If you don’t want to gain weight or are simply tired of the ordinary sweets, we recommend you try our 100% natural snack, based on baked apples and pumpkin. It has a sponge cake or a marshmallow texture, and we cut it into small cubes, so you can easily dose how much you want to eat.

On top, our K’Apples is an excellent substitute for bread or any honeycake. You can even have a heart-warming fondue with it. We promise you will love it! Each piece is hand-crafted. By buying K’Apples, you are supporting us and local farmers in these difficult Covid times.

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