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To have the best 100% natural snacks in Switzerland based on local apples, we are constantly improving our recipe. Our Bestseller this summer at the moment, is K’Apples with lime and mint. Now it’s time to share our little secret. We have been growing different spices in our garden, and now we can proudly say that we will use a mix of 2 different types of mint- spearmint and apple mint. The mixture of these two local ingredients with the savories of limes brings out the outstanding coolness for the hot summer days.

K’Apples with mint and lime is great to have with your morning coffee or with an afternoon tea. Our products are also an excellent substitute for ice cream and cold sugary drinks. We may also recommend eating K’Apples after doing sports since we use only natural ingredients and they are easy to digest.

The tenderness of our improved recipe is done with love and passion for our products and the care we try to give to your health. Remember that every 100 gr of K’Apples contains 9-10 apples. Our products are low in calories and high in pectin and fiber that helps with the digestion system. Mint is a source of nutrients (Vitamin A, Manganese, Iron), and it helps to improve the immune system. Limes are great for the skin, heart and stabilize sugar levels.

Let us give you a 15% percent discount with a coupon “Merci15” for all the products for this week. Thank you for being loyal to us.

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